Wednesday, September 13, 2017

ReVisiting What makes a Good Astrologer

I've always discovered that no New Age Nut Guru Astrologer is worth a shit if he doesn't have a respectful sense of what the American Indians like to call the "The Center of the Earth" 

Monday, September 11, 2017

I am certain he's not a complete "dud" afterall

I am certain he's not a complete "dud" afterall

but he's a tadbit on the chickenshit department telling the Death of Princess Diana orchestrated by her wicked mother in Law for what it was.
Whose gonna really make Astrology Great
Again?  LOL

Saturday, September 9, 2017

LAST MERCURY TRANSIT OF LEO for 2017 classic classic classic

 Activism of Care
I'm positively a student in Astrology and Have discovered this video with an absolutely enthused ability to report Mercury just reversing out of Mercury Retrograde and MOVING FORWARD in a completely powerfully intense and LARGE New DIRECTION Conjunct the Star REGulus in the LAST Degree of Leo. And as you know Activism of Care absolutely has all the features of a Sun Sign Leo with his Lion Moniker intensely showing his proud Mane. . . which is so Symbolic of it returning and standing still and go ing forward from the point of the Solar Eclipse we had about 3 weeks ago near that Regulus Star. So we can all Absolutely tell the NarcoCapricious brats to go away and lose their Narcissistic addictions and predilictions their double triple quadruple bullshittting gaslighting crap again and again and again and again. LOL I'm just hope-ing to God Activism of Care hasn't entirely blocked me and I'm not talking to a wall, but maybe he has considering a made too many Lion penis references. As Steve Judd the Astrologer said. Things can get a bit "barbed". LOL

Yay Regulus! It’s the brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion, depicting the Lion’s heart. This blue-white beauty of a star is the only 1st-magnitude star to sit almost squarely on the ecliptic – Earth’s orbital plane projected onto the constellations of the Zodiac.

its "Julija Simus" not "Juliea Seamus" and I would enjoy hearing her way of telling Santos BonerCrotchi to fuck off

its "Julija Simus" not "Juliea Seamus" and I would enjoy hearing her way of telling Santos BonerCrotchi to fuck off
The Leo King's Lame apology video that GianoPaulo Dicocco really seemed to exploit and tell the world about like The Leo King is GianoPaulo's ultimate nemesis and archrival.  Talking shit about someone's personal romantic relationship going to shit, even if he has the astrology clues that its true, seems a bit cold and out of line to me.  But then again the alleged complicity of the Leo King in setting up Santos BonerCrotchy (Santos Bonacci) to push flat earth and pour gasoline on the fire is NOT clear as I have yet to find such video or interaction online nor transcript.


Clash of British Wit and American Itallian boldness Musings LOL

Articulate and poignant Video. Evidence that whatever was meant by the famous words in the British expression "There's an individual out there having a "right dig at me" " means in their culture's funny subtle sarcastic slang or vernacular or whatever, This video and all the rivalry unfolding is making astrology fun to learn and great again. (at least from my demented perspective anyways). Still Trying not to take sides here. LOL