Sunday, November 5, 2017

Memories of 2 Women both with Pisces Sun & Scorpio Moon (Pippi Longstalking and the Pudgy Princess)

 Memories of 2 Women both with  Pisces Sun & Scorpio Moon (Pippi Longstalking and the Pudgy Princess)
I cannot overemphasize how much both these women had a piercing psychic unnerving charisma (at least to  me when I was younger

About Pippi Longstalking  basically imagine an adult redhaired athletic kind of tom boy lady who was feminine with a booming laughter.

The older 1 was well into her difficult glutton intolerance and gluton & junk food addictions as early as 1983 if memory serves.  The older 1 has been dead for at least 4 years from ALS  but her obituary is nowhere to be found online.  There are times when I absolutely hated her for some manipulative tactics she played.


Saturday, September 23, 2017

"Mercury in Sagittarius" video REVISITED, Comedian Bill Hicks, and Frater "HEX"-avier

Born:December 16, 1961, 1:18 AM
In:Valdosta (GA) (United States)
Sun: 24°04' SagittariusAS: 5°05' Libra
Moon:12°32' AriesMC: 5°23' Cancer
Dominants: Sagittarius, Aries, Libra
Moon, Venus, Mars
Houses 3, 7, 5 / Fire, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Height: Bill Hicks is 6' 1" (1m85) tall
Popularity: 22,627 clicks, 1,541st man, 2,623rd celebrity

MERCURY IN SAGITTARIUS ?   THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE with a hardcore Sagittarius: Mercury, Sun, Mars Conjunction Sagittarius  + Venus in Sagittarius!

and a Capricorn Sun with Mercury in Sagittarius!



[QUOTE] "All right so I got a lot of response off the last video

of people wanting to know if I called the Police on the guy writing in

no I did not

nor am I going to

Now I know that's the knee jerk reaction to this type of thing

Oh gotta call the police

but If thought crime were a thing, we'd all be in trouble

You can call me old school but I believe that people are responsible for their actions

the thoughts are questionable

cause I know that spirits and skilled pracititioners  are really good at being able to put thoughts and feelings into your head and getting you to believe they're your own when they are not

The only action that this individual took was asking for advice,

And once I start calling the police on people asking me for help and advice,
people are going to stop asking me for help and advice

I have one guy leave a few comments and messages:

This is his edited down [WRONG its FRATER X's failure to READ] (condensened version shown in the video) where he's wanting to argue with me that I'm underestimating sociopaths and that these "charismatic killers" aren't in scarcity.

NO. I get your context of your concept of Scarcity and Abundance to mean what I consider Spiritual Scarcity verses Spiritual Abundance. Frater Xavier or “Hex”Avior? There had to be some context confusion and I apologize if you saw a poorly edited version of the comment I made Here’s the full context:

Spiral Cosmos Art June 24, 2017 at 3:21 PM

If you can't read this comment, you're polarized enough for blocking me for some thin skin insult or another. If someone is fucked up enough to confide to you about desiring to carry out these heinous acts and is convinced he needs your advice, as though you're some kind of expert on abhorrent behaviors who is their savior, laying that responsibility on you, and you're arrogant enough to believe that . . . Well that kind of speaks volumes about whose exactly "vibing" with who and the lowest common denominators. The dark grim reaper Sith Lord image might have something to do with that you Think? You might want to mention to someone so removed from empathy for failing to get laid, that there really are people doomed to be social freaks with mental or emotional disabilities who really are doomed to be sexually repulsive their entire life in 1 form or another. Haven't you ever encountered people who are mentally retarded and deformed beyond all recognition to sexually perform? , and So sometimes its not exactly their fault and your diagnosis might be a little out of touch on some details . . .. If all you know of this indivdual is this letter .. . . You don't know enough details about the circumstances leading to this near breaking point of this individual and you can't write it all off as a "scarcity" mindset that can be healed by plugs to an informercial from RSD Tyler the or some other youtube pseudo celebrity pickup artist hack. Envy and Jealousy pushing people to a breaking point can stem from a very, very, complex cruel trauma and abuse when someone is near such a breaking point. And your endless "we've covered this" "we've covered this" when of course you mean YOU, yourself and your NICHE audience"covered this" WHEN ALL YOU'VE DONE IS SCRATCHED THE SURFACE! Oh and thAT profile of Creepster pathology 101 about that 99.9% MEN? 2:55

Yeah like Ted Bundy? Tex Watson of the Manson Family and the BTK pastor Dennis Rader? Richard Ramirez. . .Scott Lee Peterson (born October 24, 1972) .etc. oh WHAT A 99.9% "male" VIBE? and the Conjugal visits of women flocking to their cocks!

suspected. . . You clearly underestimate shrewd sociopaths Frater X.

Well yes they are in scarcity, they're just really good at hiding it. They're still wanting to take something that doesn't belong to them that isn't there's: namely the life of another person. So YES they are in Scarcity.

Scarcity and Abundance is a weird little dichotomy concept that might mean in your context what I consider spiritual scarcity verses spiritual abundance. And I illustrated an important difference in this link

And NO I'm not underestimating the sociopath. YOU are Overestimating this individual.

Because what you are talking about has absolutely nothing at all to do with this person.

This person is not a "Ted Bundy"

He is not a "Charles Manson"

He is not a "charismatic person"

Know how I know? BECAUSE HE SAID SO.

He said he was envious of the beautiful people and he was having trouble getting laid. None of the pretty girls wanted anything to do with him. These are not the words of a charismatic sociopath. This is not a Ted Bundy. This is not a Charles Manson. [chuckle]

I’m concerned about this individual Mr. Twisted Plea doing something cruel and harming someone. I don’t make any assumption or fear that he’s necessarily charismatic or uncharismatic. GET IT? there’s some EERIE PARALLELS with George Sodini and the Collier Township Shootings of 2009 ! GET IT?

You and others have asked: Why do these people come to me for advice?

WELL #1 Because I listen. I hear what they are actually saying. I mean that's step #1.

And #2 is: Because I've Been there. Now I didn't really have thoughts on Raping and Murdering.

But I had hit rock bottom for me.

And I've said it before that those who are consumed by the darkness and can emerge from it become beacons of light for those who are still in the darkness.

And so people ask why do I keep attracting these type of people?

And the answer is: its a big part of my calling.

I attract the hopeless because I remember what it's like to be hopeless. They know that this guy was where they are now, but made it out.

The past hopelessness that I had is what led me to get into Magick. Its why I'm doing what I'm doing now here on youtube. Its why I'm teaching you.

It doesn't matter to me If you're trying to manifest a Caribbean vacation or a new car. Those things are great and all and I will congratulate you for doing so.

But that doesn't compare to someone who absolutely hates themself, hates their life, and has no clue on how to fix it. That's what I care about. That is my calling. (At least a large part of it)

You know and I also often also get accused of lying, faking messages.

LOOK: I get so many messages I don't have to fake em'. I got everything and anything filling my inbox each day.

I blur the names out for their privacy. Because the one time I didn't do it. The one time I thought: Well I probably don't need to blur the names out. They all freaked out and wrote me on how horrified they were to see their name in the video.

So I've been back to blurring the names out ever since.

I can tell you that part of the name of the individual who wrote in on the last video was "twisted".

Which is why the videos was named "A Twisted Plea" Much as part of the name of the individual who wrote in for the "A fools curse video" was "FOOL". So yes these are real people that are writing in.

BUT you're gonna believe, what you want to believe

There's nothing really that I'm going to be able to do or say that's going to prove that to you and keep the privacy of those writing in.

All I can tell you is that I have Mercury in Sagittarius for those of you who know Astrology. So I figure now would be a good time to talk about this particular planet placement:

Its why I'm doing well at what I do here on youtube. Because its the planet of communication in the sign of teaching and higher learning.

But its not just the sign of teaching and higher learning: Its also the sign of Truth.

We had a video on the Gemini deception and how the sign of Gemini is related to deception .

Sagittarius is the polar opposite to Gemini.

What's it like having the planet of communication in the sign of truth?

Well we really hate the lie.

And you would think that's a good thing.

But Mercury is in its detriment in Sagittarius. Why? Because as Jack Nicholson Said in "A Few Good Men" "YOU can't handle the truth"

You'll eventually learn that people don't want the truth. They only want what they want to hear. And that's a problem for people who have this placement OF Mercury in Sagittarius because not only are we compelled to tell the truth, but we're known to do so bluntly.

"Does this dress make me look fat?" NO your body does.

Needless to say I'm really not the person to come to when you want to be comforted, BUT only when you want REAL ANSWERS. Now that doesn't mean that I'm immune to making mistakes. We all do. But I'm not going to purposefully lie to you on anything.

But Mercury is in its detriment in Sagittarius because people just don't want the truth.

Other characteristics of this planet placement is that Mercury in Sagittarius are big picture people. WE want all the pieces to fill in the puzzle to get the big picture.

And that's what I've been teaching here on this channel too is an overall big picture of the occult and magick.

The downside to this placement is that we can miss out on some of the smaller details.

So We're big detail focus instead of small detail focused. As a Mercury in Virgo would be. [famous last words before the Mercury Retrograde and transit through Virgo as a listener paying attention to this with Mercury in Virgo in his Natal horoscope]

Mercury in Sagittarius is very Blunt and to the point. As I've said. We can get impatient if others aren't as well.

And I've said before if you're writing like 4 or 5 paragraphs and your whole life story just to ask a simple question there's a pretty good chance that I'm not going to get to it. [chuckle]

Areas of interest and study for Mercury in Sagittarius include: philosophy, religion,

psychology, and foreign cultures. Anything to do with these and teaching would be a good career choice. Or anything to do with travel. So that's the basics of Mercury in Sagittarius.

The more you're able to understand this planetary placement. The more you'll understand that I can take an accusation from someone and turn into a full video lesson. We the Mercury in Sagittariuns of the world want to teach you. We want to give you the big picture. Now we may not consider your feelings when we do so. We maybe very blunt about it. You may not like what you hear. BUT We have a need to communicate the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. Take Care.