Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Was Dolores O’Riordan murdered?

NEWSSPORT The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan left message ‘full of life’ hours before she was found dead and had been due to record the next day Dolores sounded ‘full of life’ in hours before she died  (Picture: AP Photo/Bruno Bebert, File) Share this article with Facebook Share this article with Twitter Share this article through email Share this article with Whatsapp Share this article through 95 Latest from Metro.co.uk» 'Danger to life' weather warning issued as Storm Fionn hits UK Tories risk sending out 'really strange message' on human rights Katie Baillie Tuesday 16 Jan 2018 6:26 am It has been revealed that singer Dolores O’Riordan sounded ‘full of life’ in the hours before she died, and had been due in the studio to record the day after. The 46-year-old was found dead in a hotel room yesterday at the Hilton’s Park Lane Hotel at 9.05am with her death being treated as ‘unexplained’, which was confirmed the Met police. Dolores had been in London for a short recording session with the band Bad Wolves. It has now emerged that the singer had appeared ‘full of life’ in the lead up to her death in a voicemail she left just after midnight for a music producer. She had called the producer in regards to the recording with Bad Wolves, who were preparing for a studio session on Tuesday with the singer in which they planned to collaborate on her track Zombie after she fell in love with their cover version. Delores had been meant to go into the studio the day after her death (PIcture: REUTERS/Arben Celi /File Photo) Dan Waite, international managing director of record company Eleven Seven Music, received the message, as he had been working with Bad Wolves on their new album. He said in a statement given to The Mirror: ‘The news that my friend Dolores has passed deeply shocked me. I worked with the Cranberries at Universal Records and have kept in touch ever since. ‘Dolores left me a voice message just after midnight last night stating how much she loved Bad Wolves’ version of Zombie. She was looking forward to seeing me in the studio and recording vocals. ‘She sounded full of life, was joking and excited to see me and my wife this week. The news of her passing is devastating and my thoughts are with Don her ex-husband, her children and her mother.’ Bad Wolves also shared their devastation at the singer’s passing, writing on Facebook: ‘We are shocked and saddened at the news of Dolores’s passing, mere hours before she was to record vocals on our upcoming version of Zombie. (Picture: Patti Ouderkirk/WireImage) ‘We have always had deep respect for her as an artist and a vocalist and she was never afraid to bare her soul in her music and lyrics. ‘Zombie is an incredibly personal song and although we are a hard rock band, we always felt the rawness and honesty she projected on stage and in her recordings was something to which all bands should aspire to, regardless of genre. ‘When we heard she liked our version and wanted to sing on it, it was the greatest compliment a new band, or any band for that matter, could have received. ‘Our hearts are broken that we were not able to see this collaboration through and our deepest condolences go out to her family, friends, loved ones and fans in Ireland and around the globe. ‘We hope we can still make her proud by sharing our version of Zombie with the world.’ Dolores’ publicist confirmed the news of her death in a statement which read: ‘The lead singer with the Irish band The Cranberries was in London for a short recording session. No further details are available at this time. ‘Family members are devastated to hear the breaking news and have requested privacy at this very difficult time.’ Born on 6 September 1971, Dolores was an Irish musician and singer-songwriter who led the rock band The Cranberries to worldwide success for thirteen years before the band took a break starting in 2003. The band’s first big hit single Linger – taken from their debut LP Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? – brought them to the attention of music fans in 1993, while their second album No Need To Argue was released in 1994 and became a global smash, with the singles Zombie, I Can’t Be With You and Ode To My Family. They reunited in 2009. In 1994, Dolores married Don Burton, the former tour manager of Duran Duran. They had three children together, Taylor Baxter, 20, and Molly Leigh, 16, and Dakota Rain, 12. She split from Don in 2014 after 20 years together. 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Spoiler alert: They all message you right back. YOU ARE HERE: Music

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Monday, January 15, 2018

This lady fascinated me for her astrology similarities not long before she past on

Shock and sadness greet sudden death of Limerick's Dolores O'Riordan

Aine Fitzgerald and Alan Owens
Aine Fitzgerald and Alan Owens
"  TRIBUTES have been paid following the sudden death of rock star and Limerick woman Dolores O’Riordan.
While the circumstances of the 46-year-old's death are as yet unknown, it has been confirmed that the frontwoman of The Cranberries - a native of Ballybricken - passed away suddenly in a London hotel this Monday.
A spokesperson who represented the singer confirmed to the Leader: "Irish and international singer Dolores O’Riordan has died suddenly in London today. She was 46 years old. The lead singer with the Irish band The Cranberries, was in London for a short recording session.
"No further details are available at this time," added the spokesperson of the Limerick woman, who had three children."


Friday, January 12, 2018

The Make Astrology Great Again Contest of 2018!

Astrology of mind control, multiple personality disorders, ptsd, posession & mental illness

Letter that Steve Judd reads:

"do you believe that a person with mulitiple personalities [disassociated identity disorder] could have several zodiac signs within them

I'm curious how absorbing the identities of others in trauma might cause one to unconsciously gravitate toward situations and life events not actually meant for the host.

pre-video watching comments

I love to comment on a topic concerning astrology when I see one of Steve Judd's headlines and get a little sense of where he is going with a certain topic:

So how does the astrology apply for people suffering from extreme dissociative identity disorder or mulitple personality disorder, mind control, and ptsd symptoms?

And it seems to me if there's any kind of splitting of the mind and chronic double speak its because someone exploits another's heavy oppositions & squares of planets and positions mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces) more than anywhere else, especially if those oppositions are along the main Angles:  1st, 4th,7th, & 10th Houses.  

Maybe Steve with his military background and some code decipherer (whose probably got  British Royal intelligence agenda prodding him to say only certain things (never really talking about the Death of Princess Diana at all) might really talk disinfo on this? 

Maybe not?

post-video watching comments (TBA)

"ancestral energy through our passage through life"

becoming more multi dimensional  ?

Considers how People "with extra sensual charts can be consumed and absorbed?"

He didn't really say much about mkultra mind control,

but he did remind me of phases in my life where I was especially consistently
obsessed with emulating other people and feeling

absolutely mesmerized with them rather than being me.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Uranus retrograde in the 8th house joke

If you have Uranus retrograde in the 8th House conjunct another man's natal mars pointing retrograde near Uranus.   Kind of speaks like a perfect match who the pitcher and catcher is in that relationship.