Sunday, February 19, 2017

Saturnian work ethic

Time to make the Donuts   

Mystery School Lesson 61

Mystery School Lesson 61: Demon King Reveals the Secret of Money

good Saturnian work ethic, indifferent disregard for customers liable to take product to excess: people's base appetites for quality pastries, sweets & junk food all volunteering for excess refine sugar, diabetes & death. LOL

I can think of 2 people with mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo who have this dull steady persistence, which is good for complete career stability, but not as an iindividual producing revolutionary change for the better.
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Steve Judd's love affair with Saturn .  Spoken like a true Saturnian British statist tool to authoritarian might and the monarchist country where he thrives. (never mind his liberal politics)  compare him and contrast him to youtube user "Pat Condell"

And as for this fucking Sun Goat (Capricorn) dick "Frater Xavier"  whose about exactly 8 months older than I, whose natal chart I already guessed and posted elsewhere.  And given Capricorn is ruled by Saturn & Saturn was in Taurus trining his natal sun when he was born.      LOL

He is spot on & knows his shit with his video "Mystery School lesson 61"  Money Secrets.

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