Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Quintile REPORT! New Moon in Taurus.

 New Moon in Taurus

goofy bald dude with glasses from Bath England with decades of astrological experience WON'T post Quintile Report!   Mercury Retrograde is still freakingout and fucking with peoples'  heads
Saturn Trine Uranus is a weird energy of a wise wild old great immortal grandpa talkingto his tightass mean asshole son to see things my way
Andthat Saturn Quintile Jupiter is Jumbo Jester badass  Zeus, Uranus's grandson, giving that same old stern discipinarian a fucking piece of his mind, but  still opposing Grandpa.

So there's weird  kind  of 3 intergenerational mishap of some bizarre manner or another between ancient planets, with Saturn the middle generation scouring Jupiters favorite sign of Sagittarius

Meanwhile since Mercury is going Retrograde,  so is Jupiter and  Saturn .   And all this backward motion is bound to cause some kind of indecisiveness until at least Mercury starts going forward

3RD OF MAY  4:13 A.M PST  &

Its stupid not to observe Quintiles!  In transit ESPECIALLY!
"Love's a stranger to earth and heaven too;
In him are lunacies seventy-and-two. [Rumi]
(cited in Baha'u'llah, The Seven Valleys, p. 10)"

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