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The Advancement biography
US act THE ADVANCEMENT was put together by Rudy Onderwyzer, manager of popular venue Shelly's Manne-Hole which he ran alomgside jazz drummer Shelly Manne. Onderwyzer saw the artistic and possible commercial viability of forming a new band around Lou Kabok, Hal Gordon and Colin Bailey, who formed the rhythm section of the Gabor Szabo Quintet at the time. Adding in Lynn Blessing (Bill Plummer's Cosmic Brotherhood), keyboardist Thompson and stalwart session musician Art Johnson the band was formed in early 1969, with Gordon and Kaboki as band leaders.

Their one and only album was issued by Philips later the same year, and while it is generally regarded as an artistic succes in later years, this curious blend of psychedelic rock and fusion failed to draw public attention at the time of the album's release. The album failed to make a commercial impact, and The Advancement subsequently disbanded. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius Celebration

These Moons are all very solid and very big when you combine all 67.  They're all incorporated into the Astrological Jupiter. Don't believe that limey bald bloke astrologer say "Jupiter has no substance" "its all hot air" "you cannot land on it" "its a gas giant"  its all about "exaggeration with no substance"  "Jupiter promises more than he delivers"   He's quibbling b.s.  You simply have to respect Jupiter as the great Pumpkin Joker Planet or Water melon planet and listen to this Mantra:  And laugh at your enemies and all will be well.

Sun in Virgo in 1919

Image Episode 103: Martin High Bear  Martin R High-Bear (1919 - 1995) Martin R High-Bear was born on September 11, 1919. He died on September 2, 1995 at 75 years old. We know that Martin R High-Bear had been residing in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon. The lessons are based upon the teachings of the late Martin High Bear, Lakota medicine man. Martin was born in Laplante, South Dakota. Martin possessed the gift of healing and he openly shared that gift a…

How I study Astrology: Scale Model of the Solar System

Another scale model solar system
The Eugene Oregon1 : 1 Billion Scale Model Solar System

Jeffrey Wolf Green: So did he go into senility, hiding or retirement? Why are almost all the videos of Jeffrey Wolf Green at least 10 years old?

spiralcosmosart 9 months ago So did he go into senility, hiding or retirement? Why are almost all the videos of Jeffrey Wolf Green at least 10 years old? 1
Claire F. Shepard 3 months ago That s what I wish to know. There's no info about him . Very mysterious!
Patience Worth 1 month ago I think he may have damaged his own reputation, and needed to quit before it got any worse. His former laurels can support him sufficiently, is my guess.,_Jeff

NameGreen, JeffGender: MBirthname Jeffrey Wolf Green born on 2 December 1946 at 04:52 (= 04:52 AM )Place Hollywood, California, 34n06, 118w20 Timezone PST h8w (is standard time) Data sourceQuoted BC/BRRodden RatingAACollector: RoddenAstrology data09°45'17°13Asc.16°11'

I'm just here for the "oomfs". LOL. These videOs need an OOMf COUNTER! LOL. re: Aluna Michaels

3:44 "Extra OOMF"

This 1 here doesn't have "OOMF'S" that I'm aware of:


What Would Advice from 1 Elder Lioness Queen be like to some young Lioness Princess if she could talk:

LEO SUN WOMAN if Elder Lioness was to talk to Younger Lioness What would she say?

I'm pretty sure this is the last straw that got me banned from Facebook Shitposting Inc. but it was worth it. LMAO