Jeffrey Wolf Green: So did he go into senility, hiding or retirement? Why are almost all the videos of Jeffrey Wolf Green at least 10 years old?

spiralcosmosart 9 months ago So did he go into senility, hiding or retirement? Why are almost all the videos of Jeffrey Wolf Green at least 10 years old? 1
Claire F. Shepard 3 months ago That s what I wish to know. There's no info about him . Very mysterious!
Patience Worth 1 month ago I think he may have damaged his own reputation, and needed to quit before it got any worse. His former laurels can support him sufficiently, is my guess.,_Jeff

NameGreen, JeffGender: MBirthname Jeffrey Wolf Green born on 2 December 1946 at 04:52 (= 04:52 AM )Place Hollywood, California, 34n06, 118w20 Timezone PST h8w (is standard time) Data sourceQuoted BC/BRRodden RatingAACollector: RoddenAstrology data09°45'17°13Asc.16°11'

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3:44 "Extra OOMF"

This 1 here doesn't have "OOMF'S" that I'm aware of:


What Would Advice from 1 Elder Lioness Queen be like to some young Lioness Princess if she could talk:

LEO SUN WOMAN if Elder Lioness was to talk to Younger Lioness What would she say?

I'm pretty sure this is the last straw that got me banned from Facebook Shitposting Inc. but it was worth it. LMAO

Dialogue with an astrology skeptic

spiralcosmosart 1 hour ago I cringe at how the word "planetary ruler" of a zodiac sign is tossed around. Planets don't rule a sign, they either are more pronounced in certain signs or they are less pronounced in others. And another thing, the most pronounced and enhanced planets for each sign were supposedly lost knowledge before the invention of the invention of telescopes that could see the edge of our solar system, and that's kind of b.s. occulted reality too. Pluto is mostly Scorpio, Neptune is mostly Pisces, and of course Uranus is Aquarius. These are Jungian archetypes known about for a very long time, but forgotten.
Lord Osiron 51 minutes ago The planetary assignments are used to show a system. When I say Jupiter Rules Pisces it's because the system puts Jupiter in Pisces. The system uses the mirrored planets along the 3/6 axis to bring that code to life. This isn't about abstract astrological nonsens…

They're both Italian and Libras LOL


Horoscope R.A. Salvatore


See the photo Born:January 20, 1959, 1:23 PMIn:Leominster (MA) (United States)Sun: 29°58' CapricornAS: 17°12' GeminiMoon:12°11' GeminiMC: 20°59' AquariusDominants: Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius
Venus, Moon, Uranus
Houses 12, 9, 8 / Air, Earth / FixedChinese Astrology: Earth DogNumerology: Birthpath 9Popularity: 5,057 clicks, 26,603rd man, 37,957th celebrity

How to begin to love astrology

Here's my basic strategy recipe for people who are skeptical about the practical study of astrology; For starts consider yourself and at least 2 people in the world who you can percieve a lot about their mannerisms and style with the same Moon and Sun signs. It helps to look up or infamous people with a whole database online for this experiment: someone's (art, literature, philosophy, celebrity status, music style, personality, rhetoric, especially a public figure) and there's at least 1 one other person in the world that has similarities.

Then do the same 2 celebrities here:

Then Make certain what the Moon, Sun, and Ascendent (Rising sign represents). You might be surprised how you have a better Idea of peoples' character and psychology than you ever did based on these correlations. Words cannot describe similarities in mannerisms and styles with others, the feelin…