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Moon into Pisces 7 more degrees before New & Partial Eclipse

Moon into Pisces 7 more degrees before New & Partial Eclipse.   The times for the triple Uranus Eres & Mars conjunction are PST, while the Ephemeris app screenshots are UTC.   From what I know about these archetypes and astrology, we're in for a bumpy ride.  New moon happening soon.  I gotta thank Steve Judd in his Global February video for mentioning Eris.

Integrating Vedic & Tropical astrology

Here's an absolutely excellent description of a foundation to work with both Vedic and Western Tropical Astrology.

Unfortunately Santos Bonacci following the footsteps of David Icke insisting blue blood shapeshifting reptiles are the elitist of the world, won't stop insisting in flat earth theory.... which is publicity stunt bull shit because its so ridiculous and absurd.  When someone decides to tell elaborate fucking blatant lies as their shtick, they have condemned themselves to the realm of bull shit artists. His flat earth theory is a bull shit /hoax / publicity stunt.  Absurdity attracts a lot of negative publicity.  And in his case negative publicity is better than no publicity at all.  I doubt he believes his own bull shit, but What matters is the geocentric perspective for studying astrology (not the reality of the  ecliptic (the sun moving across the sky rather than the reality of the earth spinning).

Occult Jupiter symbol for Excess. Favored by many alcoholics.

Difficult Jupiter often means alcoholism for some.

meditations on Saturn

meditations on Saturn by the modern Alchemist.

Saturnian work ethic

Time to make the Donuts
Mystery School Lesson 61

Mystery School Lesson 61: Demon King Reveals the Secret of Money

good Saturnian work ethic, indifferent disregard for customers liable to take product to excess: people's base appetites for quality pastries, sweets & junk food all volunteering for excess refine sugar, diabetes & death. LOL

I can think of 2 people with mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo who have this dull steady persistence, which is good for complete career stability, but not as an iindividual producing revolutionary change for the better.
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Steve Judd's love affair with Saturn .  Spoken like a true Saturnian British statist tool to authoritarian might and the monarchist country where he thrives. (never mind his liberal politics)  compare him and contrast him to youtube user "Pat Condell"

And as for this fucking Sun Goat (Capricorn) dick "Frater Xavier"  whose about exactly 8 months older th…

Astrological Insights for 2017 - Aphrodette North on TJBS

Astrological Insights for 2017 - Aphrodette North on TJBS

Now and next 13 hours


re: Jordan and Emma React To Army Corps' DAPL Easement TYT Politics

There has to be a way to wage a truther psyop to the joe blow average brainwashed bumkin dumbfuck whose humanity is gone and joined either the military, the cops, or the wage slave pipefitters jobs on the pipelines. They're mostly all racist pieces of shit, but they do follow a creed "might is fucking right" and react to their own self loathing in a blindly dumbfuck "order follower" fashion. "Order follower" us described well by Mark Passio. Somekind of psyop needs to touch the "order followers" 's propensity to react impulsively to his sense of competition that the competition from "China" and the Saudi oil cartel Muslim Ragheads are PLAYING THESE BUMKIN DUMBFUCKS LIKE FUCKING FIDDLE! unless They do their responsible free Energy inovation as the great DIY free thinking true Americans they claim to represent! Some kind of true sense of responsibility like these Veterans who are helping needs to be TAUGHT! …

The Clash of the 2 Great High Publicity media Aquariuses


1.6 billion Dollar PowerBall Jackpot of 13th January 2016


Astrology of Aleister Crowley's House burning down


"The blaze was spotted around 1:40pm by a motorist on the A82 Inverness to Fort William road which runs along the north side of Britain's most famous stretch of water."

RE: Neptune oppositions: The sun and Moon by Steve Judd Horoscope of James Chasse A.K.A. AlienBoy

179 degrees & 23 minutes between Neptune and The Sun

Neptune oppositions: The sun and Moon by Steve Judd Astrology

spiralcosmosart4 months ago Steve Judd, an astrologer from the UK, did an excellent youtube video about people born with Sun opposite Neptune. Sun in the middle of Taurus was 180 degrees, about perfectly opposite Neptune when James Chase was born. 1

420-ish Some Early Sun Tauruses

I don't know the common theme of these 3 as having anything to do with their positions in Taurus, but I can say these people have a kind of fierce piercing focus that is classic Fixed sign and relentlessly goal driven.  The 1971 dude has a Moon Venus conjunction opposite Pluto!   That's gotta explain some of his weirdness.  And the Mars Square Mercury probably doesn't help and causes some volatility.

Approximate 1971 birth chart of Un-Named Man of  Half British ethnicity / Half Persian Refugee ethnicity  raised almost entirely in America.  He is tge son of an international monetary fund  employee and diplomat.