Friday, February 24, 2017

Integrating Vedic & Tropical astrology

Here's an absolutely excellent description of a foundation to work with both Vedic and Western Tropical Astrology.

Unfortunately Santos Bonacci following the footsteps of David Icke insisting blue blood shapeshifting reptiles are the elitist of the world, won't stop insisting in flat earth theory.... which is publicity stunt bull shit because its so ridiculous and absurd.  When someone decides to tell elaborate fucking blatant lies as their shtick, they have condemned themselves to the realm of bull shit artists. His flat earth theory is a bull shit /hoax / publicity stunt.  Absurdity attracts a lot of negative publicity.  And in his case negative publicity is better than no publicity at all.  I doubt he believes his own bull shit, but What matters is the geocentric perspective for studying astrology (not the reality of the  ecliptic (the sun moving across the sky rather than the reality of the earth spinning).

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