Sunday, April 9, 2017

Wrapping up the Aftermath of clash of 22 degrees & 23 degrees of Virgo 1971/1972 45 y.o. 44 y.o.

 " Her name is Aphrodite and she rides a crimson shell
And you know you cannot leave her for you touched the distant sands
With tales of brave Ulysses, how his naked ears were tortured
By the sirens sweetly singing"
Christie Aphrodite
Lol this is knew the trolls had to come out in droves after I finally have a place to call
And that they actually think I owe them an explanation for my life or need to stop what I'm doing and rehash things I've already talked about for this one lone special person? Lmao
I wonder why is so hard for him to watch those videos?
No...that would be too easy. He'd rather just demand an explanation then past accusatory comments and post new
Have fun with that! And thanks for the comedy!
Ps...if you hate me so much, why are you still following me?
Apparently you haven't taken any of my advice. Leave those that repel you alone...because you will not ever get your demands met with me or my family.

About those alleged demands?  I threw down the gauntlet that she had her hand in failing her children's safety similar to my own mother failing my safety growing up.  Yeah  I did.  And if her daughters someday grow up and can forgive Mom for bringing them into the world as essentially bastards, with Dad a deadbeat and mom Overworked and unavailable to give them quality time (day care centers),  I'm impressed and should've kept my little resentful contempt for her flaunting her luxury 2 story home with her private jacuzzi all to myself.   She was a successful mom afterall.  
NO real DEMANDS, just a LINE . . .  "A BOUNDARY"   OF MINE!   But still the way Christie flaunts her luxury, just days after feigning or claiming homelessness and poverty, just maybe a little desensitized to the fate of sex trafficked migrant chicas in the camps in that canyon in Southern California who are having it rough still.   Just a little. Maybe?…/synastry-clash-…
And this...…/clash-of-natal-…


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Stephan Cosmos Arthur
Stephan Cosmos Arthur Do you ever consider that people who criticize you or question your situation have a heart and don't appreciate their emotions getting tear jerked by your sob stories? Or are you still elated that you can write em' all off as suckers you played who are all secretly porential more gang stalkers? Seiously.
Christie Aphrodite
Christie Aphrodite you're here because why? clearly you like something about me or you wouldn't be here. If I'm jerking you around, start putting up boundaries in your life and cut out those who do you myself. You've got to wonder why someone like you who claims to be hurt by me, my actions, my life story is still around harassing me. I'm not going to your page or your videos....again, you are here because WHY???? Do you need some more attention because youre mommy didn't love you? Or are you fueling an agenda of doubt while trying to hurt me in the process? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Again, I will ask you to please leave me alone! This is documented as the 5th time.

REquest Granted.  Since Questions were asked  Here's some answers in case Christie or anyone curious cares.   Mommy deserves to read all this someday.    Christie Aphrodite Represents IRONY to me.  Complete Chronic fucking self reflecting Irony.   And there's some things about Mommy's birthchart . . . Sun Sag & Moon Leo, her unrepentant resentment and contempt for a sister in law,  a biological paternal  Aunt of mine (recently deceased)  and a Beautiful real heiress privilaged cousin of mine and a Virgo exactly Christie's age.   Irony.  Astrological Irony.  Mars = Iron. . .  Mars was in Virgo conjunct Sun in Virgo in 1972.    "Too Tall Toledo"?  irony, irony irony.  . . 
Here along comes 6 feet tall Blond housewife rescuing Mexicana migrant girls forced into prostitutions in 2006 & 2007.  With ties to white seperatist Minute men patrolling "defending" USA border with Mexican.  
What is my mom's heritage?  A bit hispanic American Indian, but fair complexction.  Tortured and despised by the Rich well to do Blond White Aryan Gringa women, but Mom just had to BEAR a child from a man with that heritage didn't she?   IRONY, IRONY, IRONY.

Christie Aphrodite
Christie Aphrodite I just figured he sent it to me so he wanted everyone to see
Stephan Cosmos Arthur
Stephan Cosmos Arthur Darling you and I have gut wrenching lives stranger than fiction. It's been a beautiful trip of refelection, respect, trust & distrust while emotionally attached and now finally learning to detatch
Mazell Kolvyn
Mazell Kolvyn I just love you Miss Christine! Your calm, your empathy, your "no BS".....I wish you so much peace and love in your beautiful home.
Christie Aphrodite
Christie Aphrodite Thank you so much!

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