Tuesday, January 31, 2017

MarsConjunctMooninAries "Head up ASS"!

Mars Waxing Crescent Moon conjunction in Aries approaching Uranus. Putting your head up YOUR ASS  

Horoscope of Sweet Pea Murdered Homeless Eugene Artist


From Facebook Page: "In Memory of SweatPea"

"I need Sweet Pea's birth date asap. Can anyone help?
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Kelly Williams
Kelly Williams I think was September 29th.
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Geri Cabe
Geri Cabe I think your right I will ask him.
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4 famous 27 to 29 degree Sun Virgos


These people all have something epically concise, methodical, and purely comprehensive about their style of activities.

David Michael Canterbury (born September 19, 1963)


Bill Murray  http://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Bill_Murray  :September 21, 1950, 12:00 PM (unknown)

Leonard Cohen   Born:September 21, 1934


Sophia  Loren


Sunday, January 29, 2017

2 Vietnam War Vets. Memories and thoughts of Sun Cancer-ians Keep Growing

 That Far Side Cartoon is an inside Memory that 18th of July Cancer-ian might recall? There's something about compassion from others motivated by a desire for them to redeem themselves of unspeakable acts (and I dare say in some cases unforgivable acts)  that inspires me to keep on living out of competitive pride, if for no other reason.


Ron Kovic was dramatized by Tom Cruise http://www.astrotheme.com/celebrities/recherche.php   who in Synchronicity is also a Sun Cancer born on 3rd of July (Same as Steve Judd and Julian Assange)


Another United States citizen Vietnam War Veteran:

I made this on Terry Gilliam's Solar Return!

 I made this


on Terry Gilliam's  Solar Return


Terry Gilliam got my curiousity because he was the one who eventually made Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998 successful and worked very well with Hunter S. Thompson.

Elsewhere I discover the "last degree of Scorpio" to be a heebee jeebee prankster aspect.    

Mars Uranus Eris Conjunction


"This planet, Eris, takes 560 years to orbit the Sun, whereas Pluto takes 248 years to make the same orbit. Eris moves more than twice as slowly as Pluto around the Sun. Outer planets that move slowly, staying often in a degree for a long period of time, exert a corresponding powerful influence on world events (also on people, especially when that happens to their Sun, Moon or Ascendant). For example, a long lasting 30 year Pluto/Neptune synodic conjunction can bring down, destroy, a people, a nation, a civilization. This has happened in the past, and it will happen in the future."

A Bunch of Sun Aries

Amy Goodman April 13, 1957 (age 59 years)

Eric Clapton 

Santos Bonacci 



RamMars or MarsRam

Return of the Mars into Aries.   My way or the Highway!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Never DisRespect a Cancer-ian's Great Work. Kind of funny when they feel a bit insulted, unless you're doing the insulting.

(Slightly re-edited for Grammar 01-29-17) 
Never Dis-Respect a Cancer-ian's Great Work.  


Kind of funny when Cancer- ians feel a bit insulted, unless you're doing the insulting and they hand your ass over to you for it.

If only I could  find that clip where Hunter S. Thompson from the movie"Breakfast with Hunter" where Hunter S. Thompson was freaking out over his great work being proposed to be made into a Cartoon by Alex Cox as they were negotiating the film "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998"

and show that clip to Steve Judd and witness Steve's reaction (given the full context of Hunter's meltdown).  Maybe then Steve Judd would  finally know  what an honorary American Gun Toting radical he is at heart?  Especially considering he describes America as Cancer-ian for the 4th of July Declaration of Independence 1776.    

Steve is an honorary American Gun Toting radical at heart! He loves our country and knows its Cancer-ian principles! America can be Open loving and nurturing to immigrants "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses etc.. . .", That is until the immigrants and diverse ethnic groups overstay their welcome , then . . . watch out! That's totally a Cancer trait!

Lee Hazlewood, another Cancarian celebrity I can never forget

9 July 1929, in the town of Mannford, Oklahoma  Pluto Conjunct the Sun Opposite where Pluto is today 27th of January 2017

 Cowards and heroes listen my friends
If you have money or nothing to spend
It'll make no difference in a hundred years or so
Sooner or later we'll all make the little flowers grow
Or later we'll all make the little flowers grow

Wise men and fools who get your fight
You'll never get out of this world alive
Don't run and hide it's no use I know
Sooner or later we'll all make the little flowers grow
Or later we'll all make the little flowers grow
[ ac. Guitar ]
Short men and tall men and all the rest
Please don't blame me I didn't start this mess
Some of us stay and some of us go
Sooner or later we'll all make the little flowers grow
Or later we'll all make the little flowers grow

Just Before & Just After New Moon in Aquarius

ALL TIMES ARE PST Pacific Standard Times

Quintile 72 degree aspect in transit is underrated by most astrologers.  It means a great talent or power. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Just Before New Moon in Aquarius

Transitting Sun Quintile Uranus today, now Waning away?   And Pluto Quintile Mars also on the out.  Mars About to leave Pisces finally and go into Aries!   + New Moon.    

The rumbling calm before the storm?

Or rather the
The volatile farts before the big crap?

There's a bunch of squares in that chart producing some agitation energy.

More Cancarian celebrities who impress me




Horoscope of Steve Judd and Noteworthy Sun Cancers


Famous last woreds "make it of as you will, I'm very thick skinned" (in regards to his date and time of birth of steve's horoscope)

Solar returns 

I feel a complete debt of gratitude for Steve's relentless and persistent teaching of Astrology on his youtube videos.  


Recently or (or maybe a longer ago)

Steve or some administrator for his youtube channel

may have permanently blocked me from posting comments on his youtube channel, or the reason could  could be one too many people complained to youtube or google or some strange poltical targetting mechanism of google.   He once mentioned he bans comments when someone mentions someone that directs attention away from his videos because that can in essence be leaching off his publicity.  That's difficult for me because I have this tendency to impulsively show I see something about someone's chart or something in Astrology that exemplifies what he teaches in the videos, but then again I can see him saying, well in that case "go write your own blog or make your own bloody videos."   And that's some of the reason why this is being written.


There's a pattern I've experienced from a lot of Sun Cancers or even some moon cancers that Steve may or may manifest to some degree or another:  And that pattern pronounced compassion and generosity, an sanctimonious moral righteous, but with some strings attached that will get jolted away in a bitchy relentless, unforgiving and ruthless fussy tone if the Cancer feels insulted or offended.   

  It's the old soft compassionate interior crab building its exoskeleton.   

There's no mercy for some sun Cancers who find themselves offended and betrayed  

I know of at least one very slutty Cancarian woman  who manifested this stark contrast.  It's a goddamn miracle the suckers who tripped on their dicks over her don't have some kind of std.   



Nevertheless here's some more notable Brilliant Sun Cancers:





And I can't think of any 2 Sun Cancers in the world with more conflicted with demons and some abominable habits than Hunter S. Thompson and Bill Cosby both born in 1937:






Tuesday, January 24, 2017

26 Degrees of Libra Some Late sun Libras (d.o.b. 19th or 20th of October)

The Complete  Passion of these people to make a stand communicating against racism and oppressive powers that shouldn't be is fierce and formidable, but  Birds fly high (Libra Air), and sooner or later gotta return to earth.   Joy Le Guire mentioned her d.o.b. was same day as the "Million Man March"  once and I can't remember if the year she alluded to being born was 1956 or 1957, but my best guess is 1957.

 Unknown time of day for the Bab



Sunday, January 22, 2017

Post U.S. Presidential Inauguration Aquarius Sun Entry

That Venus and Mars Square to Saturn and all the weird paranoia surrounding Donald Trump (Cheeto Head) (both for and against) seems to be a connected in my opinion.   Plus that Moon transitting of Scorpio didn't help.

Jupiters gotta be stationary direct slowly turning Retrograde by now or soon.

The big 3 weird aspects kind of dissapating but will return.

Saturn Uranus Triine

And Jupiter Square Uranus

and Jupiter Sextile Saturn

Sun Trine Jupiter is gonna happen in a couple of weeks.

Sun out of Capricorn feels good for me who has good Aquarius planets and north Node. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trump's Inauguration

I don't hardly know where to begin.   In Regard to Donald Trump's Natal Horoscope: The guy must be having it a little rough with Saturn Tranitting his Moon and opposing his natal sun.  Dude has a perfect Quintile with Neptune in the 2nd and Saturn and Venus in the 11th house.   The guy has a Nice Jupiter and Uranus air trine too with North Node in Gemini.  Uranus and Sun are about 5 degrees of each other, pretty damn conjunct.   It says what his popularity and unpopularity and high publicity is all right.

For the Inauguration Day:  MOON at 8 degrees Scorpio in the 8th house.   Sets the stage for aggressive psychic energy.   There's a Biquintile Triangle between Jupiter 8th  Mercury 10th and Venus 1st house with Mercury in the Center.   144deg 18deg 18deg.  Good Communication    Good opportunity for something good for Donad.

 That STellium in Pisces and that Saturn opposition of his natal sun and moon must be rough on Donald.

Overall if any harm is intended on Donald the Secret Service Agents will mostly stomp the shit out of  any of the culprits.

Lunar Transit of Fixed Star "Regulus" in LEO

I'd like to say I feel a proud self respecting energy which I should.  I guess I kind of do.     http://astrologyking.com/regulus-star/

The great upcoming Air Trine with Jupiter when the Sun Goes into Aquarius is something that should make my life easier.   While the moon transits Virgo there should be some good Trining energy with Pluto and the Sun just before the Sun goes into Aquarius.

Mercury is back into Capricorn.  It must've happened a day or 2 ago. Mercury is still Quintiling Venus again but not for long.   There's no reason why 72 degree Quintile aspect in transit isn't discussed more.  None that I'm aware of.  An aspect isn't minor just because it's not a Ptolemaic aspects  (opposition trine sqaure sextile or conjunct).

URANUS TRINE SATURN is still happening.   Conservative Revolution!   Practical Change for the better.  I can  hope! 

Last Week of Sun in the Goat Sign 2017

These past 24 days of exceptionally cold (for what Oregonians are use to), & the contagious flu and cold like symptons were no fun.   I've met some interesting Sun Capricorns in my lifetime.  From my experience, sun Capricorns are either extremely ambitious and go far materially successfully in life      , or they just bide their time waiting to die and fade away like Syd Barrett or a certain 67 year old American Vietnam War veteran just waiting to die 3 or 5 beers daily.   Whatever they do they seem to have a methodical ambition about their method.    Sun Capricorns I remember?   A blond bombshell with gorgeous tits who from my jaded perspective won the sugar daddy cock lottery ticket.   A truck driver firefighter with a slight amphetamine habit.    An adoptee whose mother birth to this Capricorn person  when the Capricorn was 16, who later travelled Europed in life.   A World War 2 Pacific Theater Navy Veteran who lived to be 94 (1918 through 2012.  A few Capricorns I met have some disgusting habits.

Supposedly Pluto trining one's Natal Sun is a good thing,  While Conjunct the Natal Sun can turn one's life upside down and inside out.  I know of one Capricorn in the World who went through a nasty divorce.

Pluto is the great composter and is ruled by Scorpio, but it seems right when the Sun arrives in Scorpio (Around late October) green grass sprouts after all grass dies from the dry previous 3 months here in the Pacific Northwest.  Elimination and Rebirth at its finest.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Having fun with Frater Xavier. Comparing him to "Chris Norton" by Phil Hendrie

Estimate of Natal Chart of Iroc driver # 1 



Iroc Driver#2



Iroc driver # 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hH8hdEZQ50






  Late 1970 Capricorn with Gemini moon, Pisces AC? (Jupiter in Scorpio) Spoken like a true bottomline practical midlife ambitious goat. Did Phil Hendrie's "Chris Norton" character get based on you? Scratches on your I-Roc might be your achiles heel.

That is the "opportunity in disguise" observed and studying what you told about your natal chart: Shed attachment from vanities and heed your advice from "pride of Lucifer" or similar videos. 


Mystery School Lesson 101: The Pride of Lucifer   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n04o-kijCgg



Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nice serene Sailing Final Waxing of the Moon until Full

Where is this going from here?
Waning Mercury Neptune Quintile (70 degrees and dropping towards Sextile in Capricorn, with Mercury crossing past Mercury Retrograde's shadow?) That Mercury Rx was a mindfuck for some Capricorns from what I understand.

Moon approaching Venus & Neptune in Pisces Trine nearer full moon in Cancer?   perhaps an appreciation for a dreamy (for lack of a better expression:) "wet dream" about beautiful Women?

Sun Square Uranus?   perhaps a an abrasive shock of hot lightening fire hitting earth? Again mind fucking Capricorns.

waning Pluto Squares with (Jupiter and Uranus) still lingering.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Sunset West Coast USA 46 North Lattitude(more or Less)

- I got a hunch or a premonition or feeling Pallas Athene (the warrior Princess), Chiron (the wound), Mars, and Venus  all in Pisces is contributing to some kind of #NoDapl Victory with some change in Donald Trump's stubborn heart knowing better to continue polluting/contaminating/destroying America's water supply.

- I feel the Moon going from Aries into Taurus.  It seems there's this aggressive energy one moment of  get er' done as fast as I can, and then there's almost an immediate wtf?  However long it takes.  I don't care. I felt it earlier today.

- Something about that stellium in Pisces has got me in a dreamy state like someone spiked my coffee with nyquil.