Thursday, March 30, 2017

Synastry Clash of Natal Sun Virgo Conjunction, Natal Moon Conjunct Venus part 3

Jeanice Barcelo is another 22 to 24 degrees Virgo natal sun and that was where the full moon was last. gh
to that time of year. I have an interesting step Brother and an Aunt
with the same birthday as Ken Kesey and I've met many other Sun Virgos
or people with heavy Virgoan planets in their birthcharts. Mutable
Earth is restless analysis and often a pitfall of micromanagement,
relentless disgust at those who fail optimal ideal standards in the
worst cases like (Margaret Sanger) or mutilation of one's own face
(Michael Jackson). There is excruciating attention to a lot of down to
earth details of refining what is truly the the truth and demanding
truth. To cope with this
restless analytical energy, there has to be humor, there has to be
drama, there has to be ways to take off the edge. Pay attention to the
video of one Christie Aphrodite, some of Ken Kesey's old videos, and
especially the Comedian Genius of Radio Host Phil Hendrie to know what I
mean about the great spinning whimsical pinball effect. Or you can also explore the cutting edge sarcasm of actors Oliver Stone, and Tommy Lee Jones (born on the same day).
Or on a very serious note Jeanice Barcelo demanding there is a better
more refined respecting celebration of life and true loving natal child
birth care, exposing the modern medical establishment as the horrible
satanic disgusting parasites they are.

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