Thursday, April 20, 2017

re:"Monarchist not a Royalist" musings

DENIGRATE THE ROYAL FAMILY by almost any means possible, THEY DESERVE IT 

love your p.c. speech Steve Judd. Yeah Right, There is no difference between a royalist and monarchist? Maybe the "monarchist" can claim he doesn't agree with the current behavior of his elitist pedophile enabling sacks of shit ruling over him , while feigning they're not entitled to do so.? Whereas the "royalist" might be just a little more of an obvious brown nosing boot licker with shit on his tongue?

Steve Judd is such a fuckin' redcoat limey fuckin sellout tool sometimes.  I will never pay for any of his services ever after his latest bull shit video today, although I might buy one of his books because he's so damn good and spot on about a lot about astrology.   The weird pagentry that this monarchist empire still plays for this overrated old crocodile and their disgraceful predelictions to coverup Satanic pedophile rings is rampantly obvious now.  Elite hereditary entitlement over meritocracy has no place in my life.  I've seen undeserved blind adulation for idiots based on their heritage before.  I've seen its insanity, I've seen the kind of bizarre "white knight syndrome" of A LOT OF PEOPLE from families from British CommonWealth Countries and it was always United States foundation to break away from monarchy, despite of all our Country's shortcomings.   Steve Judd is a gun control nut and a twisted left wing fucking tool, but did a stint in "her majesty's" military doing who knows what?  Maybe harassing Northern Irish ?   Re-Occupying the Falkland Islands.  I don't fucking know.  But he's a tool at heart like a lot of Sun and Moon Sign Cancers I met who seem like VERY good KIND brilliant people, who've gone out of their way to help me and befriend me , but have some weird tragic flaw or conflicted loyalty.    As a matter of fact I remember being friends with such a Cancerian about exactly STeve Judd's age.  

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