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40 years verses 6 or 7?  I have a difficult time accepting that seniority in astrology studies  equals merit in astrological forecasts / chart interpretations & predictions when everyone's perception is at least  soully 1/12 different than the other 11/12 of the population.  (soul in context of Sol or Sun Sign here).

Edward Learned as a cartoon

LOL  I am not taking sides about the integrity of any astrologer over others, but this has got to be the most funny boldest brazenest trolldrama publicity stunt JOB about high publicity youtube astrologers on youtube I've ever watched,  even though kind of cruel toward Leo King. Its clear to me some Astrologers are farting out their b.s. weird ideas of politics periodically  (which never really bothered me) just seemed distracting briefly .    I don't know what else needs to be said except Astrology needs to be taken with a grain of salt and without videos like the Paulo channel its too easy for people researching astrology to take 1 astrologer too seroously over the others.  Thank You.


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