WHO THE FUCK IS JULIA SEAMUS? Referencing Fictitious Person

 Julia 's name is not posted in the Leo King  videos.  There's no vid or link Or anything that seems available showing this discussion with Santos Bonacci.  Its a search for bullshit.  WHERE's the Link?  Santos Bonacci is a disinfo agent flatearther Piece of Shit worse than the LEO KING!


aww Santos Bonercrockofshitli ?   he's obviously trolling the obvious rather obsessed with proctology cornhold flat earth theory here  

Rai Silva TV
Hello, I asked a question about a much discussed topic on facebook, about the flat Earth theory, although it sounds like a huge madness but I follow that topic, I'm watching the video, but I know Eric Ericard hardly ever talk about it. Congratulations on the work and attention, I greatly admire Eric dollard's person.
Fins&Racks Outdoors
FLATTARDS ARE EITHER ONE OF TWO THINGS: 1. DELUDED USEFUL IDIOTS THAT HAD THEIR SEARCH FOR TRUTH DERAILED IN ITS INFANCY 2. AGENT PROVOCATEURS OR PERPETRATORS OF THE COINTEL PSYOP THAT EMERGED IN THE "RINGS" OF THE PENTAGON WHEN THE DEEP STATE NEEDED A QUICK BAND-AID SOLUTION TO STEM THE GROWING TIDE OF WISDOM AND TRUTH SEEKING PEOPLE WHO WERE KEENLY AWARE OF THEIR INSTINCTIVE SENSE THAT SOMETHING NOT RIGHT WAS AFOOT. THEY NEEDED SOMETHING THAT WAS A HALF TRUTH ,I.E. THE NASA LIES, SOME SLICK GURUS AND A "MOVEMENT"WAS BORN. NOW THE MALIGNANCY WE ALL WITNESS AS FLATTARDERY HAS GROWN AND THE CIA IS BEFUDDLED & AMAZED AT THE DEPTH OF HUMAN STUPIDITY. ANY VIDEO THAT HAS "NIKOLA TESLA" IN THE TITLE OR THE MERE MENTION OF THE NAME IS INSTANTLY FLOODED WITH ASSHOLES BEST DESCRIBED AS THE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES OF THE INTERNET. THEY HIJACK THE COMMENTS SECTION WITH RELENTLESS "WHERE'S THE CURVATURE" AND WHERE'S A REAL PICTURE" BUT SUMMARILY REJECT THE MULTITUDE OF PROOF OFFERED BY THEIR SANE DETRACTORS. ASK THEM IF THEY TAKE TIME OUT OF THEIR BUSY KEYBOARD WARRING SCHEDULE TO GO CLEAN THE INSIDE OF THE DOME SINCE IT MUST GET FILTHY WITH BILLIONS OF METRIC TONNES OF OIL AND COAL SOOT THAT HAS BUILT UP SINCE THE START OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. ASK THEM FOR A PICTURE OF THE ICE RIM. ASK THEM IF YOU CAN PHOTOGRAPH THE ENTIRETY OF A SPHERE AT ONCE WHEN THEY SAY ALL NASA PHOTOS ARE COMPOSITE IMAGES. SO ON THE OFF CHANCE YOU'RE A DELUDED FLATTARD HERE YOU GO; I just cannot believe how incredibly stupid your comment is and as a reflection thereof, just how astonishingly stupid you are. You are stupidity squared. Stupid at the power of infinity X infinity stupid. I mean new paradigm annihilating never seen before uber level stupid. Dehydrated-rock-hard stupid. Stupid so stupid that it goes way beyond the stupid we know into a whole different dimension of stupid. You are trans-stupid stupid. Meta-stupid. Stupid collapsed on itself so dense that even the neutrons have collapsed stupid. Stupid so dense that no intelligence can enter stupid. Singular cerebral neuron stupid. If you had 2 brains you'd be twice as stupid. Blazing hot, mid-day sun in July, Laredo Texas parking lot stupid. So stupid you emit more stupid in one millisecond than our entire galaxy emits in a century stupid. Kept under the porch by the dogs stupid. As welcome as a shithouse breeze stupid. Stupid to Avogadro’s Number stupid (6.022 x 1023 ). A Mandelbrot set of stupidity. Stupid to infinity^3 stupid. Fatally stupid. Irreversibly stupid. Incurably stupid. Terminal brain cancer stupid. Microencephaly stupid. Foaming at the mouth rabies stupid. Ebola stupid. SARS stupid. Zika stupid. Smallpox stupid. Mad Cow stupid. Diarrhea gonorrhea and pyorrhea stupid. KURU stupid. Jock itch stupid. Crotch crickets stupid. Fingers, toes, nose, ears and genitalia falling off from leprosy stupid. Monkeys in a feces flinging fight stupid. Super saturated trans fat stupid, 100% hydrogenated fat stupid, Metaphysically-stupid. Ten pounds of stupid in a five pound bag stupid. Multi generational stupid. Genetically stupid. Intrinsically stupid. Aggresively stupid. Terminal velocity stupid. Fractally stupid. Holographically stupid. Vertically stupid. Horizontally stupid. Diagonally stupid. Spirally stupid. Centrifugaly stupid. Centripetaly stupid. Figuratively stupid. Exponentially stupid. Mathematically stupid. Geographically stupid. Scientifically stupid. Geometrically stupid. Physically stupid. Spiritually stupid. Tirelessly stupid. Indeterminably stupid. Permanently stupid. Convincingly stupid. Paradoxically stupid. Inexorably stupid. Everlastingly stupid. Polarizingly stupid. Regretfully stupid. Primordially stupid. Shamefully stupid. Inescapably stupid. Convincingly stupid. Irrefutably stupid. Unpredictably stupid. Vigorously stupid. Determinedly stupid. Imperatively stupid. Horridly stupid. Unsupportably stupid. Unrestrictedly stupid. Passively stupid. Unprecedentedly stupid. Glaringly stupid. Amazingly stupid. Eminently stupid. Metaphorically stupid. Enormously stupid. Voraciously stupid. Incestuously stupid. Tantalizingly stupid. Unalienably stupid. Demonstrably stupid. Intensely stupid. Monstrously stupid. Extraordinarily stupid. Inordinately stupid. Forcefully stupid. Irreparably stupid. Tragically stupid. Urgently stupid. Incomprehensibly stupid. Immeasurably stupid. Grotesquely stupid. Markedly stupid. Vitally stupid. Progressively stupid. Undoubtedly stupid. Repulsively stupid. Admittedly stupid. Viciously stupid. Empirically stupid. Unconditionally stupid. Strikingly stupid. Axiomatically stupid. Remarkably stupid. Impressively stupid. Insurmountably stupid. Resolutely stupid. Perennially stupid. Indelibly stupid. Perpetually stupid. Virtually stupid. Undeniably stupid. Incomparabily stupid. Incredibly stupid. Institutionally stupid. Irrefutably stupid. Immutably stupid. Invariably stupid. Unstably stupid. Vicariously stupid. Unequivocally stupid. Uncontrollably stupid. Decisively stupid. Proverbially stupid. Staggeringly stupid. Unquestionably stupid. Inexplicably stupid. Categorically stupid. Concretely stupid. Nauseatingly stupid. Indefinably stupid. Insufferably stupid. Excessively stupid. Unwaveringly stupid. Inexhaustibly stupid. Stammeringly stupid. Unshakably stupid. Indubitably stupid. Explosively stupid. Incessantly stupid. Gravely stupid. Perplexingly stupid. Mesmerizingly stupid. Gigantically Stupid. Atrociously stupid. Impossibly stupid. Unabashedly stupid. Conclusively stupid. Paranormally stupid. Incomparably stupid. Vastly stupid. Astronomically stupid. Superlatively stupid. Maniacally stupid. Incalculably stupid. Zealously stupid. Foot dragging drooling AND rubbing shit in your hair stupid. Stupid beyond mega stupid by a factor making you yotto stupid. Stupid achieving a plasma state that nothing intelligent can penetrate it stupid. Stupid so dense it's impregnable by a 25 lb. depleted uranium projectile fired from a 155 howitzer at point blank range stupid. Instinctively stupid. Extinction level meteoric strike stupid. 10 on the Richter Scale stupid. Mount Krakatoa X Mount St Helens volcanic eruption stupid. Fujita Scale F6 tornado stupid. Booger eating stupid. Spitoon chugging contest winner stupid. Lead based paint chip eating stupid. Stupid exceeding the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale stupid. Fukushima Radiation pollution stupid. Needing to have everything explained to you with crayola wax crayons and construction paper stupid. Win Place and Show stupid. Exacta, Trifecta AND Superfecta stupid. All four tires flat AND the spare tire also flat stupid. Stupid higher than a 1000 foot sewer lagoon shit tsunami stupid. 2 stupid girls 1 stupid cup stupid. Goatse stupid. Stupidity level; >EXPERT< stupid. I still just cannot believe how incredibly stupid you are. Global warming tax grab hoax stupid. Stupid so thermally fatal to be capable of instantaneously melting polar ice caps stupid. Flat Domed Earth believing stupid. Black hole stupid. An hour long solar eclipse stupid. Singularity stupid. Absolute, ceasing-of-all-molecular-activity, Zero Degree stupid. ALL IN CAPS STUPID. Stepping on a rake stupid. Quasar stupid. Event horizon stupid. Exploding supernova stupid. Galactic jet stupid. Even bigger stupid than Big Bang Stupid. Stupid so stupid that a new language has to be developed to adequately define it stupid. Stupidity such that a map of such stupidity would extend past the limits of our known universe stupid.— you are even more stupid in parallel universes stupid in addition to being in this universe stupid. God actually having to admit that your stupidity is even beyond His creativity pay grade to produce stupid — so great a stupidity as he/she/it scratches head in befuddlement as to how it was created stupid. Disaster stupid, bigly stupid and YUUUUGE stupid. And that’s just for today. This will be the starting point to even more of your tomorrow’s stupid. An uninformed, misinformed, fucktard; a mentally, morally, philosophically and culturally bankrupt cum and shit stain on humanity. You are a perfect example of the Dunning Kruger Effect in action!


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