Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Sunset West Coast USA 46 North Lattitude(more or Less)

- I got a hunch or a premonition or feeling Pallas Athene (the warrior Princess), Chiron (the wound), Mars, and Venus  all in Pisces is contributing to some kind of #NoDapl Victory with some change in Donald Trump's stubborn heart knowing better to continue polluting/contaminating/destroying America's water supply.

- I feel the Moon going from Aries into Taurus.  It seems there's this aggressive energy one moment of  get er' done as fast as I can, and then there's almost an immediate wtf?  However long it takes.  I don't care. I felt it earlier today.

- Something about that stellium in Pisces has got me in a dreamy state like someone spiked my coffee with nyquil.

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