Last Week of Sun in the Goat Sign 2017

These past 24 days of exceptionally cold (for what Oregonians are use to), & the contagious flu and cold like symptons were no fun.   I've met some interesting Sun Capricorns in my lifetime.  From my experience, sun Capricorns are either extremely ambitious and go far materially successfully in life      , or they just bide their time waiting to die and fade away like Syd Barrett or a certain 67 year old American Vietnam War veteran just waiting to die 3 or 5 beers daily.   Whatever they do they seem to have a methodical ambition about their method.    Sun Capricorns I remember?   A blond bombshell with gorgeous tits who from my jaded perspective won the sugar daddy cock lottery ticket.   A truck driver firefighter with a slight amphetamine habit.    An adoptee whose mother birth to this Capricorn person  when the Capricorn was 16, who later travelled Europed in life.   A World War 2 Pacific Theater Navy Veteran who lived to be 94 (1918 through 2012.  A few Capricorns I met have some disgusting habits.

Supposedly Pluto trining one's Natal Sun is a good thing,  While Conjunct the Natal Sun can turn one's life upside down and inside out.  I know of one Capricorn in the World who went through a nasty divorce.

Pluto is the great composter and is ruled by Scorpio, but it seems right when the Sun arrives in Scorpio (Around late October) green grass sprouts after all grass dies from the dry previous 3 months here in the Pacific Northwest.  Elimination and Rebirth at its finest.


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