Trump's Inauguration

I don't hardly know where to begin.   In Regard to Donald Trump's Natal Horoscope: The guy must be having it a little rough with Saturn Tranitting his Moon and opposing his natal sun.  Dude has a perfect Quintile with Neptune in the 2nd and Saturn and Venus in the 11th house.   The guy has a Nice Jupiter and Uranus air trine too with North Node in Gemini.  Uranus and Sun are about 5 degrees of each other, pretty damn conjunct.   It says what his popularity and unpopularity and high publicity is all right.

For the Inauguration Day:  MOON at 8 degrees Scorpio in the 8th house.   Sets the stage for aggressive psychic energy.   There's a Biquintile Triangle between Jupiter 8th  Mercury 10th and Venus 1st house with Mercury in the Center.   144deg 18deg 18deg.  Good Communication    Good opportunity for something good for Donad.

 That STellium in Pisces and that Saturn opposition of his natal sun and moon must be rough on Donald.

Overall if any harm is intended on Donald the Secret Service Agents will mostly stomp the shit out of  any of the culprits.


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