Lunar Transit of Fixed Star "Regulus" in LEO

I'd like to say I feel a proud self respecting energy which I should.  I guess I kind of do.

The great upcoming Air Trine with Jupiter when the Sun Goes into Aquarius is something that should make my life easier.   While the moon transits Virgo there should be some good Trining energy with Pluto and the Sun just before the Sun goes into Aquarius.

Mercury is back into Capricorn.  It must've happened a day or 2 ago. Mercury is still Quintiling Venus again but not for long.   There's no reason why 72 degree Quintile aspect in transit isn't discussed more.  None that I'm aware of.  An aspect isn't minor just because it's not a Ptolemaic aspects  (opposition trine sqaure sextile or conjunct).

URANUS TRINE SATURN is still happening.   Conservative Revolution!   Practical Change for the better.  I can  hope! 


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