Horoscope of Steve Judd and Noteworthy Sun Cancers


Famous last woreds "make it of as you will, I'm very thick skinned" (in regards to his date and time of birth of steve's horoscope)

Solar returns 

I feel a complete debt of gratitude for Steve's relentless and persistent teaching of Astrology on his youtube videos.  


Recently or (or maybe a longer ago)

Steve or some administrator for his youtube channel

may have permanently blocked me from posting comments on his youtube channel, or the reason could  could be one too many people complained to youtube or google or some strange poltical targetting mechanism of google.   He once mentioned he bans comments when someone mentions someone that directs attention away from his videos because that can in essence be leaching off his publicity.  That's difficult for me because I have this tendency to impulsively show I see something about someone's chart or something in Astrology that exemplifies what he teaches in the videos, but then again I can see him saying, well in that case "go write your own blog or make your own bloody videos."   And that's some of the reason why this is being written.


There's a pattern I've experienced from a lot of Sun Cancers or even some moon cancers that Steve may or may manifest to some degree or another:  And that pattern pronounced compassion and generosity, an sanctimonious moral righteous, but with some strings attached that will get jolted away in a bitchy relentless, unforgiving and ruthless fussy tone if the Cancer feels insulted or offended.   

  It's the old soft compassionate interior crab building its exoskeleton.   

There's no mercy for some sun Cancers who find themselves offended and betrayed  

I know of at least one very slutty Cancarian woman  who manifested this stark contrast.  It's a goddamn miracle the suckers who tripped on their dicks over her don't have some kind of std.   



Nevertheless here's some more notable Brilliant Sun Cancers:





And I can't think of any 2 Sun Cancers in the world with more conflicted with demons and some abominable habits than Hunter S. Thompson and Bill Cosby both born in 1937:







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