Astrological Observations and "amateur" Forecast (without watching any popular youtube dicks)

Astrological Observations and amateur Forecast (without watching any popular youtube dicks)

 PDT  = -7 UTC

Mars Starting to Earth Trine Pluto:   Get things done, do it, know what needs to be done, do it, do it, do it, and GTFO of my way if you don't like me.  No time for idiocy or degeneracy or delusion.  Good for Earth sign people especially.

Venus Retrograde?   Going Backwards from Aries back into Pisces . . . Love romantic preening revisitied  desire, pleasure, Lost preening for romance and pleasure achievement desire, infatuation, misguided love and even true love if calculating correctly. 

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

Mars Starting to Earth Trine Pluto:   Get things done, do it, know what needs to be done, do it, do it, do it, and GTFO of my way if you don't like me.

Moon about to go New in Aries, now still in Pisces Balsamic . . . .  relief that this moon cycle is about to restart . . . . ?  Pensive emotional confusion in Pisces, but overshadowed by the Mars Pluto Earth demands while Venus is still in Aries.

Saturn still trining Uranus (and should go retrograde for another perfect Trine sometime in the future)

Jupiter Retrograde in Libra & Jupiter opposing Uranus  & MOrever the Ongoing Pluto Uranus Square that's still barely dissippating

Deep sense of Justice for the whole good of the community balancing act opposing radical sense of Damn it fuck this world for violating my rights and opportunities
& a Cardinal T square . . . with no planets in Cancer, but Cancer is still the Moon sign that gets hit ever 28 days for 2 days so it is a Cardinal Grand Cross still for the 2.5 days in the moon cycle

Reviewing Cardinal Signs  Cardinal Grand Cross crux patterns
  • Uranus Aries = Fuck you I'm a horny bighorn sheep Ram that's going Ram my couple of horns  wherever I fucking need to get and Uranus is saying Goddamnit this planet earth is a fucked up slave planet that needs liberation!

  • Moon in and out of Cancer =  I'm the bitchy moonboy . . . I will coddle and nurture and caress and kick you to the curb as soon as you act like an asshole out of line.

  • Pluto in Capricorn =  I'm the hardass asshole goatboy with Subversive Undermining Pluto ready to rip up the Earth and exhume corpses (fucking over Indian Burial Grounds at STanding Rock all for the oil)
  • Jupiter in Libra =  Jupitarian Jovian Justice, Justice, Justice for all with a big bloated hope for it all and then subsiding with the retrograde (as the Standing Rock Protests fizzled) 

 Neptune in Pisces  sextiling and soon to Quintile Mars in Taurus . . .

The turbulant emotional spinning glamour flux of Neptune provides imagination creative  outlet opportunities for artists.



Don't hesitate on a major Spring Break from the same ole same ole grind from last Winter, but proceed with extreme caution.  

The most dangerous aspects? 

   The sun in Aries and Taurus and the volatile seasonal situation combined with Pluto hard aspects.  Physical earth like activities.   This is a violent hostile time of year but it's an energetic and fertile too.


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