Friday, March 31, 2017

Sun Transititting Natal Chiron in Aries in the 5th House. RE: Synastry Clash of Natal Sun Virgo Conjunction Part 4.

Most people who bring children into this world are selfish by default.  They're guilty of being selfish until proven innocent.  The bottom line, as far as I care with anyone who brings children into this world who is criminally negligent with their children AND who subjects their children to abuse,  I will gladly call them all out as the lowlife degenerate pieces of shits they all are, and live a lovely lonely single life,  if by being such a cruel asshole to these failed parents: they're all made into poster examples to diSsuade more child abuse and suffering.   And that's considered mysogony or closet homosexuality or narcissism to some?  

REALLY? You carry your proud blabbering bullshit face about how special you are for knocking some woman up or squeezing out an infant, when that infant's chances of GROWING UP TO BECOME a loving human being are shit  subjecting that child to suffering, well then you really didn't have a child,  you shit out a fuck result is all you did.  And that'S exactly what a lot of people do. 

Whose the chicken shit without principles? 

CHIRON IN THE 5TH HOUSE . . . yep'  Steve Judd Told it like it is: House position of Chiron shows where an individuals dislike of oneself is.   GUILTY AS CHARGED . . . 

Oh and Contrast that to someone with Venus in Leo in the 5th.  Perhaps that means if you're a woman you're about as careless as a goddamn dog in heat and you're liable to  lay on your back, spread your legs and condomless cock won't fail to arrive instantly?  Maybe?  But I digress.


This  has gone through some minor edits and comebacks   Synastry Clash of Natal Sun Virgo Conjunction, Natal Moon Conjunct Venus part 2

re:  I had to write what I wrote on Christie's youtube channel to be completely honest and genuous about myself and own up to my own "demons" I guess the main accusation from the person who obviously seemed troubled with what I wrote:  Do I get off on tormenting people? Do I have no life of my own and am I completely insecure with my own that I feel the need to crush those out of Jealousy?    And the answer is fuck no.   A spade is a spade and calling bull shit is calling bull shit.  Concise and expedient deliverence was absolutely necessary.

[ LAST EDITIED  03-31-17]  I maybe slow on the draw with witty comebacks, but at least they're witty and complete.  destroy others who do have a life?

[Last editied 03-30-17 15:05 PST]  I will feel like my ass is handed to me by her if her daughters dare to defend her.  I pity the people who gang stalk her far more than I pity her.  Unlike the Gang Stalkers, I don't hide where I'm coming from.  I don't plot her demise.  I just want to be as honest as I possibly can ever be with people I have mixed strong good and bad emotional feelings about.  I don't hide why she is both absolutely fascinating to me and  disturbing to me and everything about me that says its time to part ways.

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