Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Clash of natal Sun conjunction and Moon in the 9th conj Venus 5th

One of the most difficult challenges in life is discovering someone that absolutely fascinates me because her thought process is so completely similar to the way my own works but our life choices took us in different directions with different challenges.

Corresponding to Christie:

In case I got some facts wrong  I thought I'd review what I understand of some of the highlights of your adult life described in a lot of your videos & radio shows of yours I've seen & watched: You were once super martyr single mom (from some failed relationship with their children's fathers obviously (it takes 2 to tango). And you worked your ass off trying to support them entirely on your own.   You were once a basket case of modern mainstream medicine that once left you a paraplegic  in a wheelchair when you were hardly over 30, but you cured all that with natural alternative medicine.  You mentioned both you in your childhood and later your own daughters at some childcare facility experienced   abuse.  Cops were absolutely condescending assholes in the matter.    You slaved odd peon jobs as waitress and sometimes housewife, but managed to  be with  sugar daddies on the way to trophy wife of some "mob boss".  You started high profile publicity with some boyfriend who was part of some militia and minute men patrolling the Mexican border.  And you uncovered Mexican teenage prostitute camps not far from San Diego, inciting the drug
 & pimps of such operations waging organized gang stalking against you.  Along with a bunch of haters leading to depreciating standards of living, homelessness, encefalitis mosquitoes causing amnesia and near death,   But you have at least an equal amount of supporters, hence the surprise dream house now.   Hmmmmm ..... I'm sure there's some truths about your life that will remain a mystery to anyone except you that you'll keep to your grave.  I don't judge you, just sometimes marvel at your theatrics & drama and sweet humor, even if you do have an attention whore penchant with some  disinfo mixed in for your own survival.   Some of your older videos when you were suburbanite yuppy San Diego Mom I would've sworn Phil Hendrie made his character " Bobby Dooley" based on you, which you're nothing like now.  (A classic Virgoan prankster comedian) I think you'd appreciate. Sincerely -SpiralCosmosArt

Christie Aphrodite: Whatever you did or do with your life, all that I'm concerned about is that you're whole Cinderella theatrics isn't used to hurt anyone.  I find you suddenly  earning & owning your  own house from living out of a van and shelter as the eternal minimum wage waitress overnight, pushing all sorts of health ailments  just a little unbelievable.   I don't wish  being a  disposable doll  or a disposable anything on anyone, but there's a lot of people who know what that's like in  worse ways you hopefully never will.  And all I ask is that you please be careful you refrain from insulting them.  There's no one the poor hate more than trustfund brats playing pretend paupers.

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